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Have you ever caught your child in a lie?
This endearing story is a great way to discuss the devastating effects of fibbing-as well as the power of prayer.

Get children involved in reading!

Your Favorite Book is now an Online Software Program!

Wow, Kristi! You have come up with a great way to get them young'uns to read! I just love the way they can customize the stories with their own name and their friends too! If you have any children I strongly urge you to take a look at what Kristi has created. It's fun, creative and quite frankly genius. Buzz Reed
Jacob's Monkey 

Now, YOU can be the star of Jacob's Monkey-The Trouble with Lying!

But now, instead of it being Jacob's - it can be Tom's or even Lisa's!

That's right! Even girls can have their own personalized story with the pictures that change into girls!

If you select a male teacher, Ms. Tandi, now becomes Mr. George or whoever you like with a picture of a male teacher.

Add five friends' names just for the fun of it.

Add your grandparents' names!

The best part is that you can even pick a different animal in the story!

Your customized e-book will have pictures of a cat, dog, llama, goat, or even a snake!

Hi Kristi,
What a lovely little book! I found it very engaging and fun for kids
(of all ages!) to use. The software was easy to understand and follow,
and the resulting personalized book was great fun to read.
I can see where it could help a child get a beginner's taste of publishing and
perhaps later become an author in their own right. This program not
only encourages creativity, it delivers a fine lesson in integrity, too.

RJ Peters

Children can become easily bored while reading, but with our customized 

e-book, they can change the characters' names to anything they like! 

Stir things up and keep your child interested! 

The e-book tells a story about a child that lies about having a pet. He or she

enjoys the attention that the classmates give, until the teacher announces 

a Pet's Day next Friday! That's when the trouble begins and lessons are learned.

Dear Kristi,
After reviewing your ebook software, I find it to be a wonderful and heartwarming story that should appeal to pre-teenagers, plus it's an excellent lesson to any child.  The ability to plug in the name of the child and the family as well as their friends names should make it hugely popular.  I know that I was impressed. 
An excellent book and software that should be a roaring success! 

Michael Worthington  

Jacob's Monkey - the Trouble with Lying

Here's a video of the beginning of the story:


We recommend that you enjoy this program with your child or grandchild. 

Help him or her choose the character names and pet for the story and then 

read it through together. The story teaches good morals, so let it spark a good

discussion! But don't just take my word for it...

Here are a few testimonials for the book that this program is based on:

By homeschooldad (Utah, USA) This review is from: Jacob's Monkey: The Trouble with Lying (Volume 2) (Paperback) Wonderfully told story that is part cautionary fable and part smart instruction for telling the truth! 
The author does a wonderful job of weaving the storyline with the ability for any child to follow and understand the sticky situations that can happen when you tell a lie. This is not put out to make light of "stretching the truth", "telling a little white lie", or "fibbing". With a well thought-out style, Ms. Sayles gives a pointed look at a youngster wanting to fit in, but let's his desire to be better than others get in the way of what he knows better. The results are handled well by the author. 
Additionally I am impressed, not only with how she handles the boy's conscious and struggles with how he deals with lie upon lie, but also with the way the boy's mother and teacher are portrayed as compassionate adults who offer forgiveness. This is something sorely lacking in a lot of stories and other media nowadays. 
I recommend this book to any parent wanting to give a wonderful story to help their child understand the trouble with lying. It just might lead to some great conversations between you!

5.0 out of 5 stars *****Fantastic Book*****By lisa roman (Florida) This review is from: Jacob's Monkey: The Trouble with Lying (Volume 2) (Paperback) This book is great!!! My daughter loves monkeys and this is a great way to sit down and read the story with her. Great also for bedtime stories :) 
I'd recommend this book for young children. They will enjoy the story while learning a good lesson of life. 
Loved the pictures! Very handsome boy!-

Jacob Learns Monkeying Around With The Truth Is Wrong, December 12, 2009 By W. Bentrim (Bucks County, PA)       This review is from: Jacob's Monkey: The Trouble with Lying (Volume 2) (Paperback) Jacob's Monkey- The Trouble with Lying by Kristi Sayles 

Jacob tells his class he has a pet monkey. Jacob is fibbing and this story details the consequence of his lying and clearly demonstrates why it is wrong to lie. 

I enjoyed the use of photos of real children for the illustrations in the story. I think it will enable the reader to better identify with Jacob and his dilemma. 
Jacob discovers that one lie tends to lead to another and suddenly you are in a bit of a pickle. Jacob discovers that honesty is the best policy and reconciles with all those to whom he lied. It is a delightful story of right and wrong that clearly demonstrates the need for honesty. 
I recommend the book

Subtle But Important Lessons About Lying!By A. Stuart This review is from: Jacob's Monkey: The Trouble with Lying (Volume 2) (Paperback) What I like most about this book is that it feels so realistic. It's easy to understand why Jacob lies in the first place and then to feel empathy for him once he realizes the complications that result. My favorite part about this book is how Jacob eventually realizes he has no choice but to admit his lie and the relief and joyful surprise when his classmates don't hold it against him. Lying is such an easy thing to do for kids and this book will help them understand why its so important to tell the truth, even after one lies-------------------

5.0 out of 5 stars Delightfully EntertainingBy Amy Weaver     This review is from: Jacob's Monkey: The Trouble with Lying (Volume 2) (Paperback) I found Jacob's Monkey to be a wonderful read with delightful humor and a realistic scenario all wrapped up in a lesson of morality! The book makes its point about dishonesty while detailing the web little Jacob has wound himself up into. My children and I laughed all the way to the end and look forward to the next publication by Kristi Sayles!

4.0 out of 5 stars Jacob's MonkeyBy lady of fortune (humble, tx USA) This review is from: Jacob's Monkey: The Trouble with Lying (Volume 2) (Paperback) This was a very well told story of a little boy who invents the tale of having a monkey and then has to figure out what to do when the teacher wants them all to bring their pets on pet day. It's so believable that the whole time I could just see my 7 year old doing exactly something like this.

-5.0 out of 5 stars GREAT LESSON LEARNED!By Novelist (Los Angeles) This review is from: Jacob's Monkey: The Trouble with Lying (Volume 2) (Paperback) JACOB'S MONKEY: THE TROUBLE WITH LYING is a book that really hits at the heart of the matter about lying to get attention. Is there a child alive who has not bent the truth a bit in order to be a class star? If there is, I'd like to meet that child. If your own child has issues around truth-telling, this delightful morality tale is for you.

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